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RFX-1 Mix 80L

RFX-1 Mix 80L

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RFX-1 Mix 80L
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  • Model: 107354
  • Weight: 4.60kg
  • SKU: 107354

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RFX-1 is a new and innovative substrate for growing plants in pots and basins. RFX-1 is a mixture of rockwool flakes (earthwool) and PU flakes. Contamination with diseases and fungi is prevented, as RFX-1 contains no recycled materials. The earthwool in the mixture only contains mineral-based binders (ECOSE) that are free from acetylate and formaldehyde. Organic life required for strong and sappy plant development is also added to the RFX-1 mix during the production process. As the substrate contains the right blend of rockwool and PU flakes, it has ideal proportions of water and air. RFX-1 is suitable for use with drip irrigation, ebb and flow trays, and watering by hand, and it ensures the plants develop healthily from day one.
Three RFX-1 bags are packed together in a neutral cardboard box. This means each box contains 240 L of substrate! The boxes are ideal for postal shipping. 240 L of RFX-1 allows you to fill approx. 22 to 24 11 L pots.

- Chemical-free rockwool thanks to ECOSE technology
- New materials, contains no recycled materials
- Organic soil life from day one (soil life-friendly)
- pH and EC neutral
- User-friendly and easy to use
- Suitable for manual watering, automatic watering and ebb and flood systems
- Suitable for all types of hydro nutrients
- Neutral packaging (3 x 80 L), suitable for postal shipping!