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400W - Всичко за вашите растения!

The end of temperature problemsAlmost everyone who uses sodium discharge lamps for growing has had problems with the grow room getting too hot during the summer despite air conditioning. Plant growth slows down with every degree above 28° C until it almost stops completely at approx. 33° C. There is..
210.00лв. 350.00лв.
The brand new Economy-priced Compact Ballast with Thermal Protection Description:Compact electromagnetic ballast with thermal protection for HPS and HPI-type lamps IP 54 and CE certified Excellent cost-benefit ratio Splashproof enclosure Available wattages: 600W or 400W Available versions..
125.00лв. 169.00лв.
A ballast is always necessary for the operation of high pressure sodium lights (HPS) or metal halide lamps (MH). The selection of the right ballast is dependent on two important factors, economic efficiency in operation and convenience of use. Conventional ballasts have the highest power consumptio..
Electromagnetic ballast mounted on a steel plate prepared to start HPS and MH lamps. Very good finishing, provided with suitable clamps and terminals to connect multiple ballasts in parallel...
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