SUPPLIES FOR GROWERS - Всичко за вашите растения!

We offer pocket microscopes that can help detect pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies, and cleaning products by Purolyt disinfection to prevent them.
The lights from HPS, MH, LED lamps distort the natural color spectrum and emit harmful ultraviolet light. Method Seven safety glasses with protective lenses balance the color, so your eyes can work more comfortably, more naturally, and with less strain.
Аttachments for small and mature plants like Plant support nets, Yo-yo plant trainers, Bamboo sticks.
We offer garden shears with specific design for ease of use and best performance. The high-quality steel blades of CHIKAMASA ensure a clean cut without pulling or tearing branches. After that compact and adjustable drying nets because all plants grown for flower or leaf must be properly dried.

Supports plants easily with up to 150 cm of retractable line. Heavy duty plastic housing. Made in Holland...
The original Eastside Impex Homebox DRYNET The Drynet allows you to dry your plants directly in your Homebox or Growlab, with really no hassle. The Drynet comes in a handy round bag and its ready to use in a matter of seconds. Simply undo the zippers on the bag and the layers of the drynet will op..
Comfortable, ergonomic and flexible scissors, suitable even for small hands.10cm..
LED Scope, Pocket-Microscope, magnification 60 times Practical mini microscope with LED light and UV light Description - 60 x magnification - With LED light and UV light - Includes distance lens for the perfect focus - Bright daylight LEDs - Dimensions ca.: 3.7 x 3.5 x 1.9 cm - Weight ca.: 18 g ..
single Drying Net stage for all Homeboxes and Growlabs..
Easy Snips are a premium grade plant trimming scissor, designed to allow you to trim you plant with ease. With a spring loaded action you can effortlessly trim you flowers and plants with precision and speed.Easy Snips provide for a Higher Quality Finished ProductProduced using high grade stainless ..
95L- 71 cm x 42cm x 4 cm- Superior heavy duty design- premium odor absorbing activated carbon- Lining with protective mesh- H20 Water and smell resistent zipper- Activated carbon lined flap for extra smell protection- 600D polyester/pvc waterproof outer material- Industrial strenght velcro- Traditio..
With these handy crop shears even sensitive areas can precisely be approached. The ergonomically shaped handle allows precise cutting around your plants and eases stress on your hands...
HiGrade lets you test the percentage of active compounds of your medicinal flowers, straight from your mobile phone! Use this powerful tool to dose your medicine, or just to be more mindful about what you put in your body. Cultvating your own plant? Use the Grower features to diagnose and treat pla..
Prunning Shears Leaf CutterPure factory scissors are designed to get into the tightest places around flower clusters and leaf stems with a minimum of blade movement.  Small, sharp, and lightweight, they are an industry standard for budget trimming clippers.FEATURESConvenient pocket sizeJapanese surg..
There’s a perfect fit for drying your herbsFor once and for all have your herbs dried perfectly!No more crooked looks when people smell something “weird”.Yup, we gotcha covered - Odor Free, Means you can hang it anywhere. With the Wedryer you can stop worrying about getting mold or being stressed a..
Replacement odor filter for Wedryer XL drying net. With the use of the filter you can easily dry herbs and spices in your home, without worrying about unpleasant odors, bulky machines and mold.  Specification of Anti-odor filter for WeDryer XL - Innovative Charcoal filter Development- Compatible f..
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