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SUPERthrive 9,4L

SUPERthrive 9,4L

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SUPERthrive 9,4L
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  • Model: 110435
  • Weight: 16.00kg
  • SKU: 110435

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The world-famous SUPERthrive is an excellent plant tonic and general growth promoter. Plants need more than one vitamin for optimal performance. SUPERthrive is rich in vitamins. SUPERthrive is not a fertilizer - it is an additive. Use SUPERthrive on every plant in every phase of growth or flowering. It produces more new flower and leaf buds in houseplants. For outdoor plants and bare-rooted plants, it triggers new root and leaf effects. It helps develop earlier and larger flowers. SUPERthrive can be used on seeds to support germination and to preserve previous vegetable and flower crops. It can also be used to revive diseased plants or to help plants recover from any stress. SUPEthrive will produce dramatically healthier plants and help protect yourself from transplant shocks.

Dosage: (dilute in water)
- Indoor plants, general use, outdoor plants: Weekly / Monthly: 1 ml / 3 L (1 drop / 100 ml)
- Seedlings - keep soil moist. Can be used weekly or alternately: 1 ml / 3 L
- Seeds / tubers: Soak in 1 ml / 3 L for 15 minutes or more, depending on size and type.
- Tender, small plants: only 1 drop per 4 L
- Leaf spray: 15 ml / 10 L. Spray both sides of the leaves for complete absorption
- Hydroponics: 0.3-1.3 ml / 3 L when changing or adding water
- Hydroseed: 1 ml / 25 L.
- Transplantations: 13 ml / 10 L
- Lawns and lawns: 65 ml / 200 L for approx. 150 sq. Ft
- Trees & woody plants: can use 1 ml / 3 L weekly or monthly. - Trees requiring special care: 10-15 ml / 10 L
- Christmas trees (indoor area): Keep fresh in the trees with 1 drop per 100 ml in water
-For trees (outdoor): 1 drop per 100 ml in water on the ground every 3 to 4 days