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The highest performance horticultural hydroponics lighting for indoor growing. Precision manufactured in Holland. With Dimlux lighting, plants gets a cleaner, more powerful light which operates at cooler temperatures. Coupled with the Maxi Controller and other available sensors, Dimlux provides unparalleled control and efficiency.

DIMLUX EXPERT SERIES 1000W DE EL UHF MKII   THE DIMLUX EXPERT MKII IS A IMPROVED SERIES OF COMPLETE FIXTURES INCLUDING THE ULTRA OPTICS REFLECTOR.   The Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF MKII is a complete fixture including the Ultra Optics reflector. This reflector is designed according to t..
DimLux Maxi Controller EVO 1.2. Comes standard with a 5 meter Interlink cable. Can also be supplied with an extra long Interlink cable of 10 meter. This 10 meter cable must be ordered separately, see the following product: DimLux Interlink cable for DimLuxUsing one or more Dimlux Expert Series combi..
DimLux plant temperature camera, with 10m cable.With this DimLux plant temperature camera, the DimLux Maxi Controller can dim the lighting based on the plant temperature. If the set value is exceeded, dimming will first take place to keep the temperature under control. If the temperature rises despi..
The Auxbox has two connections, one for the heating system/heater and two for the humidifier or dehumidifier.The new DimLux Maxi Controller EVO 1.1 has an Aux / Fan output, so an external Aux box or Fan / Aux box can be connected to it.The auxbox can be connected to the aux port of the controller. A..
The Fan/Aux box has 3 outputs so that a heater, humidifier, dehumidifier and fan can be connected to the Dimlux Maxi Controller. All outputs are 15A. The fan control is electronic and quiet in use (no humming). The fan controller has a temperature control and an RH day and night to control which are..
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