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1000W - Всичко за вашите растения!

Ballast Lumatek 1000 W, for MH & HPSЕlectronic ballast LUMATEK Ultimate Pro 1000W 400V Controllable Lamp (HPS Lamp GIB Lighting Flower Spectrum XTreme Output 1000W 400V V2.0) Reflector Prima Klima Azerwing Large 95% ..
1,116.00лв. 1,240.00лв.
lectronics and assimilation lighting has been a topic of discussion and debate for quite some time. A perfect solution is now available. The ePapillon offers many advantages over conventional luminaires. Quite simply, it uses the same amount energy to produce more light. This is achieved by combinin..
985.15лв. 1,159.00лв.
DLI JOULE-Series 1000W 120/240V DIMMABLE Time for Improvement For Decades growers have settled for lighting options that are not 100% tailored for their use and crop. Grow light manufacturers are always trying to appease the mass populations of growers, rather than honing in on exactly what t..
The Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF MKII is a complete fixture including the Ultra Optics reflector. This reflector is designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. This ensures the highest possible efficiency (98%) of all availab..
PHB5010, PHB5015, PHB5020, PHB5030, PHB5040 ballast features:USB connection for use with Autopilot PX Series Digital Lighting ControllerHigh precision microprocessor controlSix-way power output control: 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W and 1150W + PX control modeInternal RF shieldingExcellent PAR output (210..
650.00лв. 1,000.00лв.
The Phantom DE 60 Series is a high intensity horticultural lighting system considered an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. Combines the Phantom double ended reflector with a Phantom DE low profile variable wattage ballast and a DE high pressure sodium vapor lamp.This powerful and ..
990.00лв. 1,150.00лв.
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