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The first step to maintaining a stable pH value is regular control and measurement using pH meters. We offer instruments for accurate measurement of the pH of a solution or substrate ADWA pH meters BlueLab, GIB, spare parts and accessories.
In the growth phase, the pH usually rises due to the fact that the roots secrete substances that increase the pH. The opposite process occurs in the flowering phase, when substances released by the roots lower the pH values. If you provide the plants with specialized nutrition for both phases, you will help maintain a stable pH.
The pH value can also be affected by the presence of trace elements in the water. In the case of hard water, the pH of the watering will rather increase after mixing with fertilizers. On the contrary, with soft water there is a risk of a decrease in the pH value. In areas with soft water, it is more appropriate to prepare a nutrient solution with a higher pH value of 5.8-6.2. At a lower pH value, some substances (iron, manganese, etc.) dissolve more easily and can thus oversaturate the plant.

Microprocessor based pH testers (AD100), assure to produce  fast and stable readings. It also comes with features such as automatic  temperature compensation, large and easy to read LCD screen, low battery  indication, automatic shut-off after 8 minutes and others. They are also inco..
85.50лв. 90.00лв.
GIB Industries pH-meter Pro, accuracy 0.02 pH, manual temperature compensation.- measuring range 0,0-14,0 pH- resolution 0,01 pH- accuracy +/- 0,02 pH- 3-line display / overhead display at the push of a button- BNC connection for alternating Electrodes- Professional, laboratory quality pH-meter at a..
AD11 is the most advanced microprocessor based Waterproof pH/Temp pocket tester in the market. Fast, stable and precise, this testerr is for users that require the greatest accuracy. Simple user-replaceable pH/Temp probe: just unscrew the plastic ring on the top of the electrode and replace it wit..
90.00лв. 100.00лв.
ECO209 is a continuous pH monitor suitable for constant monitoring of pH level of a given water or solution sample such as aquarium tank, ponds, hydroponics systems among others. It is an easy to use, with simple maintenance features automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings at any..
• Measures pH value and temperature • Selectable °C & °F scales • Back-lit display • Double pH electrodes • Displays successful calibration • Hold function • Water-proof • Auto-off • Automatic temperature compensation Technical specifications: • Scales: EC, 500 ppm, 700 ppm, °C, °F • Measure..
The Bluelab pH Probe is a replacement pH probe (electrode) suitable for use with Bluelab products that test the pH value of a solution.Unfortunately pH Probes do not last forever as they age through normal use and will eventually fail. With good care and use (keeping the probe tip wet and cleaning o..
Bluelab best-selling meter paired with the Leap pH Probe for quicker measurements in any substrate Measures pH, conductivity and temperature on the goBrilliantly simple design that’s easy to use, clean and calibrateBacklit display to capture every measurement with easeLeap pH Probe is safely st..
AD110 is a compact pH meter featuring automatic pH calibration, HOLD function, low battery indication, temperature measurement and compensation. AD110 supplied complete with a pH Epoxy body electrode, stainless steel temperature probe, electrode cleaning solution, shockproof rubber b..
Fast, reliable, accurate pH testing without batteries Our liquid pH tester is perfect for easy testing and as a backup to your digital meter. Covering a wide range, from 4.0 to 8.5, our kit gives up to 500 tests with 30 mL.Simply fill the supplied test tube halfway with nutrient solution, add two d..
AD111 е компактен измервател на pH, включващ автоматично калибриране на pH, функция HOLD, индикация за ниска батерия, измерване на температурата и компенсация. В допълнение, AD111 може да измерва в обхвата на mV. AD111 ви предлага най-доброто съотношение цена-качество за основни измервания на рН, O..
The ultimate handy solution for measuring soil pH and temperature!The Bluelab Soil pH Pen provides a pH and temperature reading of soils and media, so you know that the right nutrients will be made available to your plants. In soils or growing media, pH strongly influences the availability of the mi..
Handsfree monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels.We all know that different pH levels can mean either a sumptuous harvest or a complete disaster, and manually measuring and adjusting the levels in a nutrient solution really takes time.Our smart pH controller automatically monitors and fine-tune..
Fast, accurate pH measurement in nutrient solution and root-zone from the palm of your hand.Combine the Bluelab® Multimedia pH Meter andBluelab® LeapTM pH Probe to take fast accuratemeasurements in nutrient solution, soil, coco coir,rockwool, potting mix and many other media types.Calibration is sim..
Measuring range -2.0 - 16.0 pHReoxide potential: ± 1000 mVAccuracy ± 0.01pH ± 2 mV ± 0.5 ° C / ± 1 ° FResolution 0.01pH 0.1 ° C / 0.1 ° F-5-50 ° C (23-122 ° F); RH 100%4 x 1.5 V / about 300 hours175.5 x 39 x 23 mm 100 g AD14 is designed for simultaneous pH , ORP and Temperature measurements. The l..
Epoxy ORP Platinum Electrode for AD111 & AD131. Single Junction Epoxy ORP with 1 meter cable and BNC connector for  Professional pH/Temp Portable Meters AD111 and AD131.Suitable also for the multiparameter bench instrument AD8000.Temperature: 0/80 °CPressure: 2 barCable: 1.0 meters + BNCDim..
Standard pH probe compatible with pH meters / controllers that have a BNC connection. The pH electrode is a sensor based on an electrochemical cell. This cell begins to suffer wear from the moment of its manufacture until the end of its useful life. The life of an electrode is limited, being ty..
The P50 Pro pH temp meter is the latest tool in Aqua Master Tools’ wide range of high quality products. Ideal for measuring pH and temperature of liquid plant nutrition and water in swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, and ponds. Effortlessly switch between the parameters with the user-friendly buttons. The m..
Replaceable pH electrode for pH Temp meter P50 Pro. Please refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to replace the electrode. Waterproof IP67.Replacing the electrode:Properly unscrew the sealing ring in the lower part of the meter.Remove the defected/old electrode by gently pulling it.Careful..
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