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Propagator - heated, with vent flaps in cover

Propagator - heated, with vent flaps in cover

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Propagator - heated, with vent flaps in cover
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  • Model: 107578
  • Weight: 1.16kg
  • SKU: 107578

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This greenhouse is a heated propagation box with adjustable temperature settings for cuttings and seedlings
of all kinds.
As it is insulated well and has a high heating
capacity, this system is particularly suitable
for the rapid and healthy growth of
seeds and cuttings that are difficult to rear,
even in low and high temperature environments.
It has a clear, transparent cover
that allows the light to fall through optimally
and ventilation slides that provide
an additional way of monitoring humidity
and temperature. Thanks to its powerful
heating system the floor temperature can
be raised to +30 degrees Celsius. In addition,
the insulating outer container allows
for a floor temperature of between 25 to
30 degrees Celsius even when growing
plants in cold houses at 0 degrees Celsius.
The greenhouse can be controlled using a
thermostat, dimmer or thermo-timer that
are available optionally.