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WILMA - Всичко за вашите растения!

The Wilma Four-Pot System is a versatile drip-feed watering system that can be used with several different growing media and is ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike. The Wilma should provide better results than hand watering in traditional pots and for the best results we recommend usi..
The Wilma Ten Pot System is a drip feed system suitable for use with any medium whether it’s soil, coco or clay. Using a slightly smaller pot size than the eight pot system, this Wilma is a good choice if you are working with a low ceiling and prefer to grow more plants to a smaller size but want a..
Wilma Tank, 122 х 106 х 23 cmWilma Tanks are convenient, easy-to-install systems that can save a lot of work.- Suitable for Wilma 16 and Wilma 20 or two Wilma 8/10 trays..
A Simple and Efficient System for hydroponic growing Wilma Hydroponic System guarantees your plants to be equipped with water supply in a professional way, avoiding the deficiences and allowing an excellent performance. With this cultivation system, the manual irrigation will no longer be necessar..
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