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DryNet 90

DryNet 90
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DryNet 90
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  • Model: DN90
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • SKU: DN90

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The original Eastside Impex Homebox DRYNET

The Drynet allows you to dry your plants directly in your Homebox or Growlab, with really no hassle.

The Drynet comes in a handy round bag and its ready to use in a matter of seconds. Simply undo the zippers on the bag and the layers of the drynet will open up almost magically. Now hang the Drynet in your Homebox and keep your ventilation system turned on during the drying period: a really simple and effective solution!

Please note that some of the pictures shown here below present our Drynet product hanging in a Homebox grow cabinet. The Homebox is NOT included in the Drynet set and the pictures are shown only for demonstrative purposes.

The Drynet fits perfectly into our Homebox L, XL, XXL products. It will become the perfect tool for all your drying needs.