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Biobizz ALL-MIX 20L

Biobizz ALL-MIX 20L

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Biobizz ALL-MIX 20L
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  • Model: BAM20L
  • Weight: 6.00kg
  • SKU: BAM20L

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Bio-Bizz All-Mix is unlike anything you would find in a garden centre. It contains an effective blend of soil (20%), compost (35%), worm castings (10%) and Perlite (30%) as well as a special 'pre-mix' (5%) of biologically active organic ingredients that have been fermented for a month to create a potent mixture. We recommend using Bio-Bizz All-Mix during growth and flowering, ideally in conjunction with Bio-Bizz Nutrients for best results.

All Mix is suitable for all stages of plant life and can be purchased in two different sized bags; 20 Litres and 50 Litres. Bio-Bizz also produces a 'Light Mix' that has been specifically formulated for seedlings and cuttings. This is available in a 20 Litre bag. Both grades of Bio-Bizz soil are 100% organic.