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Reflector Kit Adjust-A-Wing Defender 400-600W

Reflector Kit Adjust-A-Wing Defender 400-600W

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Reflector Kit Adjust-A-Wing Defender 400-600W
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  • Model: 108327
  • Weight: 1.70kg
  • SKU: 108327

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Adjust-A Wing Defender is a combination of high-end technology, aesthetics and easy installation. The two adjustable wings help to focus the light perfectly, while the special cover ensures even and even distribution. The Adjust-A Wing Defender is made of extremely durable aluminum H18 used in aircraft construction, which, in combination with its functional design, allows it to be assembled, dismantled, transported and stored quickly and without tools and without compromising on fabrication materials. The titanium, white polymer coating is extremely heat resistant. Compared to the Avenger, it has a slightly lower reflectivity but better light distribution. This affects both growth and harvest!

1 piece. Adjust-A-Wings Reflector, Defender medium
1 piece. Spreader
1 piece. Fasung

- without cable
- 86% reflectivity

The kit does not include a light bulb.