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ЕNVIRONMENTAL DEVICES - Всичко за вашите растения!

The GSE Water Cycle Timer does exactly what it says on the tin, switching the pump to your hydroponic system on and off as required, allowing you to tailor feeds to your plants' exact needs. Just choose the length of each feed, then select the duration of the 'off' time before feeding commences again - that's it! You can even choose different settings for daytime and night-time - the light sensor will automatically switch the unit to the right schedule!

The digital humidifier controller controls the humidity in rooms and keep it constantly high. The humidifier controller have to be connected between foger and main power. On one knob can be set the desired humidity. The controller switch the foger on and off. The controller comes as a finished part..
186.75лв. 249.00лв.
The irrigation timer is used to control a pump for irrigating crops. This timer is ideal for scheduled Ebb & Flow systems and normal irrigation droplets or NFT systems. The pulse time and the interval time can be set separately for day and night irrigation. The unit comes complete in a waterpr..
186.75лв. 249.00лв.
SMS alarm controller The SMS alarm controller is an easy-to-use standalone alarm system with alarm output via SMS. The SMS alarm controller provides ten independent input / output ports. By virtue of its many sensors and its individual terminal assignment, the SMS alarm controller meets all require..
686.25лв. 915.00лв.
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