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Starter Kits

HESI kit for beginner and experienced growers 250ml TNT Complex 250ml Soil Bloom Complex 250ml Phosphorus Plus 100ml Hesi Boost..
1 liter Hydro Growth 1 liter Hydro Bloom 500 ml PK 13/14 500 ml Root Complex 500 ml PowerZyme 10 ml SuperVit..
500 ml TNT Complex 1 liter Bloom Complex for Soil 1 liter Phosphorus Plus 500 ml Root Complex 10 ml SuperVit 500 ml PowerZyme..
Consists of 6 different components:Root-Complex 500 ml, TNT-Complex 500 ml, Hesi Coco 1 L, Hesi PK 13/14 1 L, Super Vit 10 ml, Power Zyme 500 ml..
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