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Dutch Lighting Innovations

DLI is a collective of great minds with decades of experience in the commercial and hobby horticultural industries. Our engineers have listened to customers, and developed a brand new range of horticultural lighting products which combine the tried and tested manufacturing techniques of existing commercial lighting products with modern manufacturing processes. The outcome; a suite of horticultural lighting products designed to improve user experience and enhance end results.

DLI JOULE-Series 1000W 120/240V DIMMABLE Time for Improvement For Decades growers have settled for lighting options that are not 100% tailored for their use and crop. Grow light manufacturers are always trying to appease the mass populations of growers, rather than honing in on exactly what t..
DLI CRI-Series 315W CMH Dutch Lighting Innovations is an innovative company which develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the global greenhouse industry. Our products are made with components of the highest quality and reliability and are very easy in maintenance.DLI CRI-Series ..
836.00лв. 929.00лв.
Комплект DLI CRI-Series 630W CMH Мисията на DLI е винаги да създава приспособление, което да надминава производителността на конкурентите, като същевременно подобрява дизайна, за да отговаря на целта. Dutch Lighting Innovations представят CRI-серията 630W LEC Fixture. Рефлекторът #FLOWERSONLY е пр..
- Daily Lighting Management- Up to 4 zones with 1020 DLI fixtures and 4 sensors- Easy-to-use menu in 6 languages- RJ12 sockets and SD card slot The DLM-4 Zone Controller is specially designed to set up a Daily Lighting Management system. It can be connected to up to 4 separate zones of DLI lighting..
- White spectrum for indoor cultivation- Passive cooling- High productivity: 750µmol / s- Flat smooth surface: No accumulation of dust- Venturi effect: For optimal cooling- Intelligent driver for automatic voltage- True optics for additional light penetration Features: 357W220V- 400V Automatic Int..
The Future of Horticulture is Here!This fixture is one of a kind. Dutch Lighting Innovations is the only grow light manufacturer that develops and builds UV-light fixtures able to recreate all the UV-A and UV-B advantages inside. All advantages of outside sunlight, in a controlled environment.One of..
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