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FLUENCE - Всичко за вашите растения!

SPYDR 2x is an early-development top-lighting solution for commercial cultivation, or a full-cycle top-lighting solution for home hobbyists cultivating without CO2 supplementation at ambient conditions around 400 ppm. SPYDR 2x is comparable to the previous generation’s SPYDRx and delivers an average..
SPYDR 2p is a full-cycle top lighting solution for commercial cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. For optimal results, we recommend SPYDR 2p deployed in environments with C02 supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth sta..
The SPYDR 2i is a high-performance top-lighting solution for commercial growers who want to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices and experimental applications or treatments. PPF: 1700 µmol/sEfficacy: 2.7 µmol/JInput Power: 630W Fluence recommends mounting SPYDR 2i fixtures 6” abov..
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