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SUNMASTER High Output HPS Lamps are High Pressure Sodium lamps designed to deliver 10% more light than standard HPS lamps. This extremely energy-efficient plant grow lamp provides more energy which is essential for optimized photosynthetic response.10% more light than a standard HPS lamp Red ou..
Metal halide discharge lamp, run by balllast suitable for sodium discharge lamps...
232.75лв. 245.00лв.
The GIB Lighting Flower Spectre HPS is our standart series for all plant lovers wishing to cultivate successfully who still set store by a low initial budget. Ideal too for hobby gardeners, indoor gardeners and for over wintering tropical plants, since very low wattages are available...
39.90лв. 42.00лв.
Adjust-A-Wings® reflectors are incredibly power efficient and versatile lighting systems. Firstly, Adjust-A-Wings® can be set to a wide formation for maximum light diffusion—this allows the light to be positioned very close to instalation place for a great combination of light intensity and area cov..
230.00лв. 309.00лв.
These are easy to use, simple maintenance and yet high accuracy Conductivity pocket testers for daily measuring purpose. With its built-in automatic temperature compensation feature, it ensures accurate readings under any ambient conditions. Features such as splash-proof keypad prevent water infi..
85.50лв. 90.00лв.
Microprocessor based pH testers (AD100), assure to produce  fast and stable readings. It also comes with features such as automatic  temperature compensation, large and easy to read LCD screen, low battery  indication, automatic shut-off after 8 minutes and others. They are also inco..
85.50лв. 90.00лв.