Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit

Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit
Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit
Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit
Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit

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Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit
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  • Model: Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 Split Unit
  • Weight: 110.00kg

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Product Name: 10000 Opticlimate Pro 3 Split Unit
Dimensions: 1050mm x 660mm x 505mm
Weight: 110kg
Water: NA
Voltage: 230V
Connection: 3x2.5 mm 2 + 1 Phase D16-1F Machines
Heaters: 3x2000W
Size Koelslang: 8m

OptiClimate Spli-unit air conditioner is a new solution for controlling the indoor climate in your greenhouse or grow room.

OptiClimate can circulate, cool, heat, dehumidify and filter. There's more than five years of development and testing in the OptiClimate. This has resulted in a fully developed and optimized product that climate arrange to perfection is, with the lowest possible power consumption.

OptiClimate cools the air with freon gas as a transportation means and heats through ceramic heating elements. The indoor unit stops the compressor and heat through heat exchange in the freon gas, and the freon cooled from the outdoor unit is transported back to the indoor unit.

The included remote is also a controller that all processes are fully automated and can be followed. After setting-off with the remote control with the minimum temperature (night), maximum temperature (day) and times OptiClimate will warm or cool depending on the night or day mode. The pre-set temperatures are not exceeded.

During daytime operation (cooling) OptiClimate dehumidify the air. Should it be desirable OptiClimate can also dehumidify the night conditions so that the humidity is optimal.

There is a OptiClimate of 3,5KW, 6KW, 10KW and 15KW cooling capacity. Multiple OptiClimates can be placed in a space, depending on the need for cooling capacity. The stated capacity is the maximum, there can be cooled at all times less.

Because the Opticlimate is placed in a (semi) closed system, it is very easy to add without much waste, CO2 to the culture space, wherein the air is continuously recirculated. Since only will there not require large CO2 installations rather limited exports of air and sufficient models to 4Q of power.

The Opticlimate PRO 3 Series is a unique solution to the indoor environment into
arrange perfection. it is possible by the cooling function and heating to 365
days per year to achieve a stable environment in which you are never dependent
outdoor climate.



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