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No other range in the world can compare with the natural garden products we offer. We have been pioneering our ‘natural, safe, effective’ message in Germany for decades and natural products mean more to us than simply being the result of a "market trend". To us, it embodies a living belief of treating nature with respect and not taking the environment for granted.

Spruzit Pest free, 250 ml, effective broad-range spray, cont. rape seed oil Does not only control mature insects but also their eggs! Against aphids, Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Thrips, Mealybugs, Scale Insects, Cicadas and Green Spruce Aphids...
Spruzit Spray: biologic spray against mites, greenfly and leaf beetles, pseudo-caterpillars, ermine moths, thrips, with natural Pyrethrum. Ready to use with nozzle...
Yellow sticky traps 7.5 x 20 cm, 7 pcs./ box to identify and control flying pests VOC-free  ..
Yellow sticky traps 7.5 x 20 cm, 10 pcs./ box to identify and control flying pests VOC-free  ..
Spruzit NEEM Pest Free 30 mlWatering and spraying agent with the natural active ingredient azadirachtin (neem) against many types of insects on vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants.Also combats whiteflies, aphids, cicadas, potato beetles, leaf miners, caterpillars and thrips.Due to the partial sy..
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