TRIMMERS - Всичко за вашите растения!

The MT Tumbler 800 MED is the appropriate medical cannabis trimmer for licensed producers who need to process large quantities of product in a shorten period of time, being totally EU GMP compliant.The biggest of the Master Tumbler family is genuinely designed with the innovative C-TECH cutting syst..
Portable. Silent. Versatile.The MT Dry 200 is a trimmer designed to process dried cannabis flowers in a compact version, perfect for easy transport.Ideal for small and medium-sized growers, its design has been created to offer great performance in a small and lightweight machine, without sacrificing..
Convert the MT Dry 200 into a pollen extractor with ease, as the MT Dry range offers a complete disassembly system without tools, so you can easily replace the barrel as required.Pollen collection barrel150-micron stainless steel meshTool-free assembly..
Lightweight. Versatile. Quiet.Compact and easy to transport, the MT Dry 500 is the perfect trimmer for medium-sized growers who look for effectiveness and precision in dry processing. The result are high quality cannabis flowers that keep their properties intact, thanks to the technological innovati..
The MT Dry 800 is a trimmer designed for dry processing of Cannabis flowers. It has been conceived for those growers who are looking for a high-quality finish with dry flowers and a high production. Its large 48cm diameter barrel, together with its 550W motor and 3 speeds, will allow you to reach a ..
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