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BioTabs 10 pcs.

BioTabs 10 pcs.

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BioTabs 10 pcs.
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BioTabs are slow releasing organic fertiliser tablets for annual plants.
No more danger of under or over dosing, your plants will receive exactly the correct amount organic
fertiliser, every time. There is no need to adjust the PH or EC when using BioTabs.
BioTabs make your life easy. Organic cultivation becomes child’s play for beginners and advanced growers
alike, all you need to do, is water your plants.
BioTabs contain everything your plants need to keep them deep green throughout the entire cycle. Even
very long-blooming plants will remain deep green throughout the full cycle. BioTabs effortlessly feeds
your plants during their growing and flowering cycle. The result is, healthy plants that will grow and
bloom exuberantly. BioTabs organic fertiliser tablets contain all the important minerals, with the right
combination of nitrogen-binding and phosphate-dissolving bacteria, with other essential organic
substances, for the healthy growth, of potted plants.
The tablets contain a formula of slow-acting nitrogen, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria.
These improve the soils condition and contribute to a good uptake of the fertilisers, resulting in a
uniformly healthy growth, without leaching of the fertilisers. The unique combination of fertilisers and
soil bacteria ensure healthy growth and healthy soil.
At BioTabs we have over 30 years of plant growing experience so we can guarantee you that the results
obtained with BioTabs will be unprecedented. You will never want to use anything else again.
BioTabs fertiliser tablets are 100% organic.
BioTabs contain bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acid, beneficial soil
bacteria and a formula of slow-acting nitrogen
Directions for use:
Use 1 BioTab per 5 Litres of potting soil. For pots over 40 Litres, use 1 BioTab per 10 Litres of potting soil.
Push each BioTabs 5-10 cm deep into the potting soil.