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ADWA Continuous Conductivity Indicator

ADWA Continuous Conductivity Indicator

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ADWA Continuous Conductivity Indicator
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  • Model: eco406
  • Weight: 0.72kg
  • SKU: eco406

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These continuous indicators are designed for easy maintenance, simple to read,
accurate readings and cost effective purpose, so to meet the general
requirements of all range of users.

It comes with features such as automatic temperature compensation and single
point manual calibration that makes these monitors even more reliable.
The meters are supplied with an epoxy body EC / TDS electrode for
a more durable life-span, stainless steel temperature probe for
automatic temperature compensation and with calibration solutions and
screwdriver for calibration purposes.

The ideal tool to monitor your nutrient solution continuously
without having to worry about dead batteries.

Calibration Solutions & Accessories

A7632 Conductivity/TDS probe with 2m cable
A7634 Conductivity/TDS probe with 2m cable
A70031P 1413 μS/cm solution, 20 ml sachet (25 pcs)
A70032P 1382 ppm solution 20 ml sachet (25 pcs)
A70442P 1500 ppm solution, 20 ml sachet (25 pcs)
A70000P Electrode rinse solution, 20 ml sachet (25 pcs)

Supplied complete with

ECO406 is supplied together with a 12 Vdc adapter, an epoxy body pH probe,
buffer solution and a screwdriver for calibration purpose, a stainless steel
temperature probe and instruction manual.