400W - Всичко за вашите растения!

1 x 101204 Ballast GIB Lighting PRO-V-T, 400 W1 x 101377 GIB Lighting Flower Spectre HPS 400 W, for bloom and growth1 x 101283 Reflector Hood, stucco, large, 40 x 40 cm1 x 101310 Bracket, unmounted, for standard lamps1 x 101318 Socket E40, unmounted, without screw set..
199.00лв. 231.90лв.
Sylvania’s new GroXpress is an ideal solution for small and medium scale greenhouses and domestic plant growth facilities for flowering plants and vegetables. It also provides an opportunity for out of season crops. GroXpress is optimized for high Phytolumens and its light spectrum maximizes red out..
175.00лв. 196.90лв.
Light Kit PURE LIGHT 400W Closed Electromagnetic ballast PURE LIGHT 400W Closed Lamp Sylvania GroXpress 400W HPS Reflector with size 47 cm x 47 cm..
169.00лв. 193.00лв.
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