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Biobizz LIGHT-MIX 20L

Biobizz LIGHT-MIX 20L

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Biobizz LIGHT-MIX 20L
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  • Model: BLM20L
  • Weight: 6.00kg
  • SKU: BLM20L

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Light-Mix is an ideal potting soil for organic gardeners who want to have control over the growing process through the application of liquid fertilizers. Slightly fertilized it ensures a fast development of roots and vigorous new growth.

Use Bio-Bizz Light-Mix for propagating seeds and cuttings. Both grades of Bio-Bizz soil are 100% organic and provide fantastic results. We recommend that you use Bio-Bizz Nutrients in conjunction with this soil for best results.

pH: 6,2 EC: 1,2