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GENI Activator 4kg

GENI Activator 4kg

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GENI Activator 4kg
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  • Model: 120102
  • Weight: 4.00
  • SKU: 120102

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Geni activator is a very popular and important tool for gardeners who want to use their earth several times. The product is also suitable for new earth.

Activator contains a large number of micro-organisms, the soil stimulates and has a preventive effect against soil diseases. In addition, Geni activator gives an extra growth injection to the plant.

These soil improver makes sure that useful strains of bacteria, fungi and enzymes are added to the earth or coconut. Therefore, the plant's resistance to pathogens.

Finally, it makes for a better structure, transport of minerals and removal of the residual salts. It provides a better root system, an equilibrated growth and adds extra calcium to the soil.

How to use:

Fill a pot with soil and spred Geni activator above it. Cover the pellets with 5-10sm of soil and water well. You may plant on the next day.

1 spoon per 5 L pot - 1kg per 10m2 soil