600W - Всичко за вашите растения!

The Sylvania Grolux 600w lamp is one of the best value-for-money horticultural lamps available with added blue output for use in all stages of growing. Sylvania Grolux - Highly popular lamp made by a market-leading manufacturer Broad spectrum output makes it usable in veg or flowering stages 90,0..
50.00лв. 75.00лв.
SON is the Philips name for arange of high-quality highpressure sodium lamps.The Philips MASTER SON(-T)PIA PLUS and the MASTERSON(-T) PIA Hg-Free are highpressure sodium lamps with PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) technology. The sintered aluminum oxide discharge tube with integrated antenna is encl..
From the XTreme Output series comes a new significantly improved discharge lamp designed and produced 100% in Germany, offering the highest standard of quality. With 92,000 lumens and over 1200 PAR it offers unparalleled light output. The Red spectral range has been maximised, the Blue spectral ran..
Increased light output: 85550 lumens2000K142 Lm/W1120 umol/skWh/1000h - 663 kWhE40 ceramic socket400 VDual SpectrumTo use only with a 600W ballastSuggested area from 100x100cm to 120x120cmThis is a special 400 volt version of the Philips GreenPower Bulb series. This 600 watt 400 volt EL lamp runs at..
Specially developed for maximum bloom lightPhilips Master SON-T PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) Green Power 600W is specially developed for maximum bloom light. It is a high pressure sodium lamp among the most efficient light sources available for horticulture.The Philips Master SON-..
80.00лв. 125.00лв.
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