THERMOMETERS AND HYMOMETERS - Всичко за вашите растения!

We offer instruments for measuring temperature and humidity. Combined thermometers and hygrometers for accurate measurements, with or without a probe.
Thermo/hygrometers are devices that allow measuring temperature and humidity at the same time. Wider use is offered by variants with a probe, as they can measure humidity and temperature in a solution or soil.

Use our humidity indicator cards to determine the humidity levels (or relative humidity, “RH”) in a contained environment. Each pack contains 10 humidity-indicator cards, and each card will read RH from 10%-60%. Simply place a single card in the area to be read and wait for the indicator dots to tur..
Monitor growing environments with the Digital Series Indoor/Outdoor Min Max Thermometer.Large display with in (unit) and out (sensor) temperature alternating, constant humidity with min/max memory at the touch of a button.2 measuring points...
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