ATTACHMENT OF PLANTS - Всичко за вашите растения!

We offer useful tools such as bamboo sticks, support nets and Nie-Co-Rol yoyo for supporting plants.
The natural structure of plants prevents sufficient access of light to their lower parts. The upper branches capture most of the light, and much less light reaches the lower positions. As a result, leaves, branches, flowers and fruits in the lower parts are weaker and smaller. The correct attachment of the plants serves to correct the light deficit in the lower parts of the plants. Plants need enough light.

Supports plants easily with up to 150 cm of retractable line. Heavy duty plastic housing. Made in Holland...
Lighthouse plant net, 1.5 mx 9 m Ideal for supporting vine crops, bush crops or top-heavy flowers. Due to the continuous mesh size, the plant net can absorb more weight, remains taut and thus offers greater support. The 15 cm (6 ') square mesh size reduces crop damage and makes harvesting more effi..
Gronest tent nets will support horizontally your plants and can also be used for training plants. It is designed for grow tent with maximum side size 120cm and with Ø 15-18mm poles.Use plastic ties and hooks to attach Gronest net to the poles of your tent at the desired height to give support to you..
Useful trellis net, allowing you to guide the growth of your plants easily. Mesh size 15x15cm...
LightHouse StretchNet is made from the highest quality elasticised cord that is knotted into one piece of netting to give additional strength. Simply attach the StretchNet to the poles of your tent at the desired height to give support to your growing plants.Use 2 or 3 StretchNets per 2m high tent d..
This sterile disposable scalpel is a highly effective and convenient tool for taking plant cuttings and cloning your favourite plants. Designed with a strong handle and a small, extremely sharp stainless steel blade, it allows precise cuts for optimal cloning success. The scalpel comes with a protec..
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