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400W - Всичко за вашите растения!

This Sunmaster 400W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp has been designed to cater for all stages of the plant growth cycle. Unlike a regular HPS lamp that puts out red spectrum light for the flowering / fruiting stage of development, the 400W dual spectrum bulb also puts out enough blue spectrum light to a..
60.00лв. 70.00лв.
- Specially matched to the absorption spectrum for photosynthesis - For faster, better blossom growth - Extremely constant photon flux - Very high luminous efficacy of up to 145 lm/W - Robust shockproof lamp design with elastic support for the burner - High-quality corosion-resistant base, ideal for..
The light provided by this lamp is particularly suitable for stimulating bloom and fruit production as well as enhancing growth. This lamp is also eminently suitable for vegetative plant growth. It features increased red and blue light components.250 W 33 000 Lumen PAR 440 µmol/s 400 W 56 500 ..
High pressure sodium products with very high lumen output: Up to 1.6 PAR/W Extended life in comparison to standard SHP products: Up to on average 30 000 hoursSylvania’s new GroXpressis an ideal solution for small and medium scale greenhouses and domestic plant growth facilities for flowering pl..
39.00лв. 55.00лв.
HPS Lamp for growth and bloom, 400W, ideal for the entire period of growth and flowering of the plant...
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