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MICROSCOPES - Всичко за вашите растения!

Microscopes allow detailed observation of your plants and thus help in detecting problems that are not so visible. The application with HiGrade microscope is an absolute bomb - a laboratory and an agronomist in your pocket.
Pocket microscopes allow you to observe plants and their individual components in completely new dimensions. A miniature microscope with LED light will also help in detecting defects, pest infestation, mold and other problems that are invisible at first glance. Lightweight pocket plant microscopes with up to 100x magnification are available.

LED Scope, Pocket-Microscope, magnification 60 times Practical mini microscope with LED light and UV light Description - 60 x magnification - With LED light and UV light - Includes distance lens for the perfect focus - Bright daylight LEDs - Dimensions ca.: 3.7 x 3.5 x 1.9 cm - Weight ca.: 18 g ..
HiGrade lets you test the percentage of active compounds of your medicinal flowers, straight from your mobile phone! Use this powerful tool to dose your medicine, or just to be more mindful about what you put in your body. Cultvating your own plant? Use the Grower features to diagnose and treat pla..
The ESSENTIALS Microscope range consists of the ESSENTIALS Illuminated Magnifier Loupe , the ESSENTIALS Microscope (60x - 100x) and the ESSENTIALS Microscope (100x) . This powerful range of microscopes allows growers to easily identify plant species, as well as pests and diseases not visible to the ..
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