PRIMA KLIMA - Всичко за вашите растения!

Prima Klima ECTC-1M- is a new digital EC fan remote controller that brings many accessories for better fan settings. You can easily check all the necessary information with the display. One button control system that gives you quick access to temperature, minimum speed, maximum speed settings. The controller can work in automatic and manual mode. The controller includes an RJ45 socket that you can easily connect with a standard Ethernet cable.

ECTC-1M-DigitalThe Prima Klima ECTC-1M-Digital is new fan remote controller which brings many feautures for better adjustment of settings of your fan. With display you can easile check all necessary information. One-button controll system gives you quick access to settings of temperature, minimum sp..
213.75лв. 285.00лв.
TRIO-2MThe Prima Klima Temperature Fan Control System makes it possible to controls fans automatically, depending on the temperature. If set temparature exceeds the actual value, both fans run up to maximum power, and cool down a room. If the temperature is bellow the set point, the fans regulate th..
192.75лв. 257.00лв.
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