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Atami BioDefence 2x50ml

Atami BioDefence 2x50ml

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Atami BioDefence 2x50ml
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Bio Defence 1 & 2

With this biological remedy for the plant larvae, insects and fungi do not stand a chance. Bio Defence 1 & 2 is absorbed by the leaves when the plants are sprayed with it. This makes the plant less attractive to many fungi, larvae and insects, so they leave the plants alone. Spraying plants with an insect agent is a significant precautionary measure for a successful cultivation. Often plants are already affected by insect larvae without us growers knowing it. The precautionary spraying of the crop is recommended in many cases. Avoid problems and take care of preventive treatment.

Mix Bio Defence 1 & 2 together simultaneously in lukewarm water. Apply thoroughly on both sides of the leaves. When this treatment is repeated several times (at intervals of about ten days) the results will be noticable. Treating the crop several times with this remedy is therefore very effective.

Growing tip
Atami recommends the use of bio-stimulators for optimal results.

Quality guaranteed
Bio Defence 1 & 2 are packed lighttight, so the quality remains guaranteed.

Bio-Defence 1
Bio-Defence 2

Minimum: 1 ml per liter of water (1:1000).
Maximum: 3 ml per liter of water (3:1000).