CANNA Boost Accelerator 10 L

CANNA Boost Accelerator 10 L

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CANNA Boost Accelerator 10 L
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With this product we have again proved that: Quality proves itself!

A thicker, harder top
CANNABOOST is CANNA’s powerful flowering stimulator that improves yield and quality and has been specially developed for the cannabis plant. CANNABOOST stimulates the development of new flowers and because of this the tops can become fuller than normal. Since the ripening of the tops also proceeds more gradually it results in a more uniform harvest.

Something very special about CANNABOOST is that it’s not just a guarantee for a higher yield but the taste is also guaranteed to be better.

Something extra for the CANNA grower!

Suitable for all growing mediums
CANNABOOST is a universal flowering stimulator, which is to say that it can be used with any growing system and in combination with any feeding without exception.

As well as adding CANNABOOST to the substrate it can also be used as a leaf spray (foliar feeding). The advantage of this is that the plant can absorb the flowering stimulator directly through its leaves.

Even higher yield in combination with PK 13/14
CANNABOOST isn’t a food but an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis (metabolism). This increase ensures that the tops are formed faster and increases the THC content. The availability of nutrients is very important for achieving optimum results with CANNABOOST. The availability of all nutrients is guaranteed with CANNA feeding.

Even better results can be achieved using the trusted CANNA feeding in combination with PK 13/14. This is because PK 13/14 provides the plant with extra flowering elements while CANNABOOST ensures that there’s the energy for using these elements.

Better ripening and strengthened immune system
In addition to containing flowering stimulators that ensure that there is powerful ripening, CANNABOOST also contains natural flowering regulators that dose the flower stimulators from the booster itself, the flowering elements that are naturally present in the plant and the energy better. Because of this the tops can develop more uniformly and finish flowering more strongly.

Thanks to the improved energy regulation the plant also has sufficient energy to resist pathogens. If there isn’t energy at the correct place diseases will often strike, just at the moment when it is disastrous for the harvest.

Fuller, more powerful taste
A good harvest isn’t just expressed in terms of weight these days. We saw this turn around in the cultivation of Dutch tomatoes and cucumbers and this is now relevant for the hobby grower. Quality is starting to play a more important role and this also means taste is becoming more important.

With CANNABOOST you are guaranteed both a higher yield and an exceptional taste. Increasing the speed of photosynthesis greatly increases the sugar production in the tops. This makes the taste sweeter and the natural flavours in the tops will be produced in higher concentrations. The strong smell of the essential oils in the tops speaks volumes.

Directions of Use

-Shake bottle well before use.
-Use with a dilution of 1:500 (20 ml per 10 litres of water). For extra flowering strength, use a maximum concentration of 1:250 (40 ml per 10 litres of water).
-Do not use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide.
-Use diluted solution within 7 days.
-CANNABOOST can be given manually, via drip irrigation or by foliar feeding.
-Other instructions
-Use CANNABOOST in combination with your regular plant feeding.
-Store closed, frost free and in the dark.
-Keep out of the reach of children.
-Warranties / Guarantees
-The packaging is made from 100% Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily degradable and recyclable plastic.


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