CANNA Aqua Flores A & B 5 L

CANNA Aqua Flores A & B 5 L

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CANNA Aqua Flores A & B 5 L
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CANNA Aqua Flores

Once flowering has begun AQUA FLORES meets the cannabis plant’s changing needs. During the flowering phase considerably less nitrogen is needed, but the need for potassium and phosphor increases.

AQUA FLORES isn’t just rich in compounds such as silicic, humic and fulvic acids which facilitate optimum nutrient absorption for the plant, it is also rich in directly absorbable chelated trace elements, which result in exuberant flowering.

Aqua Flores Directions of Use

A ready to use, plant feeding solution is made by diluting the A & B concentrates in equal proportions in tap water.
Shake well before use!
Fill the feeding tank with water. Add AQUA FLORES A and AQUA FLORES B, in the ratio of 30 ml A and 30 ml B to 10 litres of water (1:333).
Stir well and allow the feeding solution to stand for a couple of hours.
Recommended pH value: 5.2-5.8.
Recommended EC value: 1.3 - 2.1 mS/cm2.
Due to the special composition of this feeding it is not necessary to adjust the pH levels after setting it initially.
This should be used when flowers start to form between weeks 1 – 3 on 12-hours light, or when the pH of the circulation water starts to fall below 5.0 – 5.2.
Renew the feeding regularly.
The A & B concentrates should never be mixed when undiluted since this will cause insoluble compounds to form.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store closed, frost free and in the dark.
Over-fertilization can endanger the medium’s productivity or have a negative influence on the quality of the plants.
This product should not be used in protected natural areas, areas containing swamp and reed lands, in hedges and woodland, standing water or in or close to areas where water is extracted.
Rinse thoroughly if the product comes in contact with the skin or eyes.



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