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Rootbastic 100ml

Rootbastic 100ml

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Rootbastic 100ml
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Please note that this product WILL INCREASE THE PPM (parts per million) OF YOUR NUTRIENT SOLUTION.

Start using Rootbastic WHEN THE ROOTS are approximately 2 inch long. This will occur during the FIRST WEEKS OF THE ROOTING STAGE when you have done your cuttings. After this, you can still add Rootbastic during the first three weeks of plant growth. Keep your base nutrients low as in the rooting stage adding rootbastic will primarily stimulate your rootproduction.

Begin with the minimum Rootbastic dosage and gradually increase to maximum strength.
ADD 0.3 ML TO 1 ML OF ROOTBASTIC PER 1 US GALLON of water (0.1 – 0.3 ml per 1,000 ml) in your reservoir.

Rootbastic can be used in ALL GROWING MEDIA and in combination with ALL FEEDING METHODS.