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ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L

ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L
ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L
ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L
ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L

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ATAMI ATA Awa Max A & B 1L
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  • Model: 1285133/1285143
  • Weight: 2.34kg
  • SKU: 1285133/1285143

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Awa Max A&B

This bloom nutrient has been especially developed by Atami for the Wilma systems, the NFT, the bubbler (DWC) and recirculating hydro systems. Ata Awa Max A&B bloom nutrient regulates the pH, meaning that it hardly needs adjustment, which in turn results in the plant blooming faster and in a more balanced way. By reusing the nutrient water, the plant uses the same nutrient several times. Thanks to the complex adjusted formula of Ata Awa Max A&B, the plant is guaranteed an optimum nutrition solution during its entire blooming phase.

Mix equal parts of Ata Awa Max A&B with water for use during the blooming phase. Desired water temperature: 21-25 C. Works fantastic in combination with Bloombastic, Hydro Rokz and rockwool.

Quality guaranteed
The stimulators and liquid nutrients of Atami are packed and sealed lighttight under the twistable cap, so the quality remains guaranteed.

Awa Max A
Awa Max B


1–4 ml A and 1–4 ml B per liter of nutrient water.