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Smell Neutralizer Optimum 4000 Vaportek

Smell Neutralizer Optimum 4000 Vaportek

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Smell Neutralizer Optimum 4000 Vaportek
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  • Model: VAP013
  • Weight: 0.37kg
  • SKU: VAP013

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The Optimum 4000 Air Treatment System is a compact electric unit that treats areas up to 20,000 cu. ft. and uses replaceable 90-day or 120-day cartridges. The Optimum 4000 is a safe, superior odor control system.


Vaportek's unique air treatment technologies have been in use around the world since 1979. Safe, effective natural essential oil formulas and systems make Vaportek products ideal for use in disaster recovery. A variety of products provide cost-effective solutions to virtually any odor problem. Inquire for more information about how Vaportek can help solve odor problems!

• Hospital-proven technology; adjustable output for constant deodorization
• 100V electric system is virtually silent
• Uses spill-proof, replaceable cartridges available in a variety of fragrances; Standard rated at 90-day life, High Output rated at 120 days
• Five year warranty; UL listed
• Effectively treats areas up to 20,000 cu. ft.

Vaportek...A Safe Alternative
• No evacuation of people, pets, or plants necessary during treatment.
• No respirators, special equipment or training necessary to operate.
• Does not harm textiles or remove pigment from leather
• Do not cause oxidation
• Does not decompose or disintegrate rubber and rubber-based fabrics and materials.
• Does not introduce moisture into the area
• No danger of combustion
• Has no potentially dangerous re-entry or recovery period
• Environmentally preferable odor control