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The Pure Factory - Всичко за вашите растения!

The Pure Factory promotes the plant growing with top quality products to guarantee the best possible results outdoor or indoor. From making cuttings, germinating or growing plants, Pure Factory offers you the best technology at a good price.

Easy Snips are a premium grade plant trimming scissor, designed to allow you to trim you plant with ease. With a spring loaded action you can effortlessly trim you flowers and plants with precision and speed.Easy Snips provide for a Higher Quality Finished ProductProduced using high grade stainless ..
Our range of "Pure Scale" - precision-scales consists of several of the most used models on the market, very reliable and as usual offered at a spectacular price.The different scales are perfectly suited to the needs of any user.- 100g Capacity x 0.01g Accuracy (±)- Robust Outer Casing- Stainless St..
Prunning Shears Leaf CutterPure factory scissors are designed to get into the tightest places around flower clusters and leaf stems with a minimum of blade movement.  Small, sharp, and lightweight, they are an industry standard for budget trimming clippers.FEATURESConvenient pocket sizeJapanese surg..
Pressure regulator for carbon dioxide control. Equipped with manometer, flow meter, solenoid valve 230V.It comes together with 5m gas hose and 3m cable.Specifications:Solenoid valve 230V/50HzValve connection W21.8x1/14"..
With 2 adjustable air vents at the top of the lid. Excellent value for money.58x37x23 cmperfect for seedlings and seed growingcontributes to the radical development in maximum spaceventssuitable for exotic plants in winter conditionssuitable for greenhouse tablescolor: black transparent..
A industrial humidifier for every place:Superior Steam ProductionSilent operationContinuous operationWater-supply cut-off by valveCoverage: up to 150m2Includes 2 alternative outletsTechnical characteristics:Height: 35 cmNet weight: 7.6 kgWater tank diameter: 32 cmWater tank volume: 4,5 ltr.Humidific..
The intelligent Dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quite. It is perfect for small rooms. Poor ventilation causes musty odour and fungus in wardrobes, larder, etc.The intelligent Dehumidifier eliminates this problem by keeping them free of unwanted moisture...
Industrial dehumidifier DH-202B by Pure Factory, with a capacity of 20 liters per day.Voltage / Cycle 220V/50HzPower input (W) 330Bucket capacity (L) 3,2Dehumidifying capacity 20 L/day (30,80%RH)N/W (Kg) 16G/W (Kg) 17,85Maneuverability with castersRefrigerant R134aApplied area (2.6-3m height) 25-35 ..
Industrial dehumidifier DH-504B by Pure Factory, with a capacity of 50 liters per day.Voltage / Cycle: 220V/50HzPower input (W); 920Bucket capacity (L) 8Dehumidifying capacity 50 L/day (30,80%RH)N. Weight (Kg): 31G. Weight (Kg): 32,96Noise level: 50dBManeuverability: 4 castersRefrigerant: R407Applie..
Industrial dehumidifier DH-801B by Pure Factory, with a capacity of 80 liters per day.Voltage / Cycle 220V-240V/50HzPower input (W): 930Drainage method: HoseDehumidifying capacity: 80 L/day (30,80%RH)Applied area (2.6-3m height) 80-100 sq.m.N/W (Kg) 51G/W (Kg) 53Maneuverability: 2 casters, pushcartR..
Square tray. Made out of durable, recycled plastic...
Square tray. Made out of durable, recycled plastic...
Square tray. Made out of durable, recycled plastic...
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