Stündenglass - Всичко за вашите растения!

Powered by pure fluid physics, Stündenglass is an award-winning Glass Gravity Infuser that has redefined and advanced the culture of many industries, including culinary, mixology, hookah and aromatherapy.  Featuring a patented 360˚ rotatable design, Stundenglass provides a visually immersive and contactless experience via the combination of cascading water, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity.  Dynamic versatility and precision craftsmanship establish the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser as a functional work of art and cultural masterpiece.

Created in collaboration with iconic Los Angeles rapper and entrepreneur B-Real, it is with the highest honor we introduce the Dr. Greenthumb's X Stündenglass® Gravity Infuser. A sophisticated and elegantly designed 360° rotating glass hookah that generates kinetic motion activation via cascading wa..
Created in collaboration with legendary boxer, entrepreneur, and advocate Mike Tyson and his new brand Tyson 2.0, Stündenglass is honored to introduce this limited edition Tyson 2.0 x Stündenglass Gravity Infuser (red and black).This sophisticated and elegantly designed 360° rotating glass hookah ge..
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