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Developed in Madison, Wisconsin, our dehumidifiers have set the gold standard in energy efficiency, durability, reliability and flexibility. With a full five-year warranty, Quest humidity control products come in a wide array of sizes and options, allowing you to customize and design your perfect environment for your industry’s specific needs. Additionally, we deliver everything you need to know when it comes to HVAC design, specification, selection, installation and operation for every size of facility.

The Quest CDG 114 dehumidifier can only be started at any location at any time. Whether it's dehumidifying the bathroom or the interior dryer function, you'll always appreciate the CDG 114's mobility. The unit is supplied with a MERV 11 high-capacity filter to capture dust particles, pollen and dust..
Just run the Quest CDG 74 dehumidifier anywhere and at any time. Whether it's dehumidifying the growing space or the function of an additional interior dryer, you will always appreciate the mobility of the Quest CDG 74. The unit comes with a high-capacity filter that traps mold spores, pollen and du..
This unit can save you thousands on energy costs each year compared to the competition. It gives you the flexibility to hang the unit on the ceiling or use piping and leave the dehumidifier in a completely different room. Like all Quest products, the Dual 155 is made in the USA using the best compon..
Humidity control in compact and hard commercial spaces presents unique challenges. Variable temperatures and limited placement options mean you need a specific solution. This is where Quest 70 comes from.Functions:Dehumidification: 26 liters / day at 26.7 ℃, 60% r.vVoltage: 220 V - 240 VCurrent: 2.1..
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