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PURIZE - Всичко за вашите растения!

PURIZE® Filters pursues the vision of offering pleasure-oriented smokers - with the help of a PURIZE® activated carbon filter - a significantly reduced & to show more pleasant smoking experience.

Made with air-tight materials, a water-proof ziplock and manufactured with a layer of activated charcoal, this bag is as smell-proof as it gets.The bag offers enough space so you can fit in your most beloved items you don’t want other people to smell.The very sleek design lets you carry undercover i..
Made from smelly proof materials and fed with activated charcoal its sure to keep all your smells on the inside of the bag.Advantages:no more uncomfortable smellsMinimalistic design..
It is simple - suits everyone. It is qualitative - lasts forever. It is odor absorbent - nothing stinks!Our new Shoulder Bag is processed with airtight materials, a waterproof zipper and an activated carbon lining, which can absorb odors very well. Thus, the unwanted leakage of odors with this bag i..
The new PURIZE® activated charcoal backpack is made with airtight materials, a waterproof zipper and an activated charcoal lining so that odors are absorbed very well - bad for the stink. The backpack offers enough space to transport loved objects and utensils from A to B as odourless and anonymousl..
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