EVOCROP - Всичко за вашите растения!

EVOCROP products are the result of an exhaustive selection based on the most efficient technology and the best results in terms of production performance. With 20 years of sales experience in Spain, the EVOCROP team makes the leap to online distribution to create its own range of items and offer direct customer service. A new generation of products with quality guarantee for your crop.

The vortex V1 Pocket peeler is a portable, small and powerful flower trimmer that is very quiet at the same time, ideal for quickly converting any space in the peeling room for your plants.The VORTEX V1 Pocket peeler can be easily attached to any table using its clamp, without the need for screws or..
The maximum stability of the VORTEX-V2 TABLE, added to its height and large surface, allows not only comfortable work, but also the possibility of 2 operators working at the same time.It is stable and robust for hard and highly demanding jobs.Efficient and quiet, the bud peeler is easy to use and ca..
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