Chilli Hills - Всичко за вашите растения!

All Chilli Hills products are 100% natural, and are free from preservatives, thickeners and colourants. This season, the family farm has expanded operations and we are now also farming chilli peppers on a second site outside of Kokalyane.
Due to demand we have expanded our operations in 2017 and are now also farming chillies outside Kokalyane, in the verdant central plains of Bulgaria. Over 40 different types of chilli peppers from all over the world are now growing over a combined 20-hectare area.

The Thai Dragon chilies are long, thin and red pointed chilies. The plants grow to around 45cm tall and mature from green to red. Dry them, freeze or pickle to always have them on your table.50,000 – 100,000 SHUNumber of seeds: 6 pcs...
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