Prima Klima Azerwing Large 95%

Prima Klima Azerwing Large 95%
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Prima Klima Azerwing Large 95%
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  • Model: LA75V
  • Weight: 2.60kg
  • SKU: LA75V

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The reflector Large AzerWing of Prima Klima innovates with its enhanced functions and adjustable for culture indoor.

The Large Azerwing 95% reflection prevents hot spots from forming thanks to its studied design and shape of the wings, while you can place 2 bulbs of 400W or 600W or 1 bulb 1000W.

Reflective wings are united in perfect symmetry, which ensures an output of the uniform light without the occurrence of hot spots.

Azerwing the reflectors do not allow only to adjust the height of the bulb, but also serve to adjust the inclination thereof by a clamping screw to the horizontal.

additional cooling fins provide better cooling.

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: 98 x 70 cm
  • For bulbs: 2 x 2 x 400Watt or 600Watt, 1 x lamp 1000W
  • Area: 88% more culture surface, lights surfaces up to 3.89m2
  • Energy / heat: 44% less power consumption and heat
  • Aluminum reflector
  • Reflection: 95%
  • The qualities of the Adjust-A-Wing
  • Area to place a rail that ensures perfect symmetry, optimal and flexible fixation réfrigérisation
  • Supplied with 2 E40 sockets


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