Propagator 43

Propagator 43

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Propagator 43
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The Propagator 43 is the perfect seed box for indoor and outdoor growing of all your cuttings and seeds.

The strong box made of the material PP is fully watertight and easy to clean. A transparant cover provides for the best possible incidence of light and extra control of humidity and temperature is achieved by the 2 big vent holes.


  • The usefull innermeasures of 38x24x18 cm. assure that the growing of sowing-seeds and strike cuttings is within the reach of everyone, because this easy to use propagator will fit in any place, indoor or outdoor.
  • The watertight box of the material PP is good chemically resistant, so it is possible to sew and strike cuttings in every different way: pots on the bottom of the box, sand directly into the box, a layer of water into the box, etc. Of course this also makes sure for an easy cleaning.
  • This box of polyprophyleen (PP) also provides the possibility of using it in combination with a heating mat or soil warming cables. In this way the propagator 43 can be changed into a heated growing system at any time.
  • The cover is produced in a cristalclear high impact polystyreen (HIPS), and combines a high transparancy with a good impact resistance and strength.
  • The walls and roof of the clear transparant cover are slightly oblique and the cover has a brim which closes on the inside of the propagator. In this way the dewdrops of the cover do not fall directly onto sowing-seed and/or cuttings, but glide back into the box via the walls of the propagator.


  • Measures 38x24x18 cm.
  • Fully watertight box
  • Clear transparant cover
  • Humidity control with vent holes that can be closed

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