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Smell neutralizer Vaportronic Vaportek

Smell neutralizer Vaportronic Vaportek

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Smell neutralizer Vaportronic Vaportek
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  • Model: VAP007
  • Weight: 0.37kg
  • SKU: VAP007

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This anti-odour appliance has many advantages because it is widely usable. The Vaportronic is a synthetic holder that can be clicked open. On the inside is a soundless ventilator, driven by a standard 1.5V D-battery. By means of a small screw a stepless interval can be set, varying from:
1 minute rotation - 1 minute silent to 1 mintue rotation - 30 minutes silent. The Vaportronic can be filled with a maximum of 5 discs of 6 or 12 grams and can also be filled with Smell-Away. You can use a rotation system, by which you use a disc every 15 or 30 days, until all the spaces are filled. After that you always replace the oldest disc with a new one. This way you achieve a constant and equal supply of the active substance.
The variable filling, together with the interval switch and the independency of the electrical circuit, provide a perfect odour neutralisation in rooms up to 60 m