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Harvest Machine & vacuum (wet) Twister T4 TrimmerThe Twister T4 harvester is also a professional device for processing your harvest. Unlike the Twister T2, this machine is designed for a lower crop volume. The T4 is smaller and therefore perfect for mobile usage in changing locations. Technical sp..
Twister T2 Trimmer The Twister T2 is a professional machine for processing your dried crop. Thanks to its 11 self-sharpening blades that handle 320 cuts per second, with the Twister T2 you can process up to 7 kg plant material per hour. In addition, this Canadian-made harvester has a waterproof moto..
Twister T6 Trimmer  finds its operating purpose rather in smaller crops. In this little machine you find everything you need for a qualitatively high processing. Just like the T4, it can be used comfortably on the move. Tandem operation is not possible with the T6. Technical specifications - Elect..
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