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Dexso E.O.E. Capacity 100 gr.

Dexso E.O.E. Capacity 100 gr.
Dexso E.O.E. Capacity 100 gr.
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  • Model: 108701
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • SKU: 108701

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Combine Dexso D.M.E. with the Dexso E.O.E., superior high end open loop extractors, to get maximum yield and best quality with every extraction. The anodized coating of the Dexso E.O.E. is almost as hard as a diamond and it protects the extractor from chemical and mechanical wear. The threaded extraction tube and the machine design itself prevent blowbacks and provide a maximum security for an open loop extractor.  And the magnetic tripod of the Dexso E.O.E. extractors makes the assembly very easy. Extract superior quality essential oils with a superior Dexso E.O.E. Extractor.

100 gram model.

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