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With these handy crop shears even sensitive areas can precisely be approached. The ergonomically shaped handle allows precise cutting around your plants and eases stress on your hands...
Easy Snips are a premium grade plant trimming scissor, designed to allow you to trim you plant with ease. With a spring loaded action you can effortlessly trim you flowers and plants with precision and speed. Easy Snips provide for a Higher Quality Finished Product Produced using high grade stainl..
CHIKAMASA B-220S Pruner, stainless The Chikamasa range of pruners and shears are high-quality and allow growers to trim and prune plants as and when required. Chikamasa’s ergonomic handles and lightweight design helps reduce hand-aching that can be caused by trimming. High quality steel blades ensu..
Hanging net for drying. - Foldable - 8 levels - H = 180 sm - ø = 58 sm..
Prunning Shears Leaf Cutter Pure factory scissors are designed to get into the tightest places around flower clusters and leaf stems with a minimum of blade movement.  Small, sharp, and lightweight, they are an industry standard for budget trimming clippers. FEATURES Convenient pocket size Jap..
Comfortable, ergonomic and flexible scissors, suitable even for small hands. 10cm..
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