Trimpro XL

Trimpro XL

Price per Unit (1 брой): 8349.01 €• Тегло: 86 кг.
8349.01 €

Designed to respond to the needs of large producers, an oversize versionof the Trimpro Automatic is now available. The Trimpro XL has a greatercapacity and a productivity ratio 5 times superior to its predecessor.The newly designed grate facilitates the plant's movement. The blade'sheight is adjustable to allow a precise cutting distance and a dimmer onthe motor regulates the whirlwind effect's velocity.

- Low noise, efficient, high quality.

- Box Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 79 cm
- Assembled: 99,1 x 91,4 x 129,5 cm


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